Master thesis internationalization process

Higher Education and Community College Leadership The department offers a concentration area in higher education in the M.

Master thesis internationalization process

The teaching staff is experienced and knowledgeable and the environment is friendly and lively.

master thesis internationalization process

TBS is undoubtedly the choice to make. This industry includes a wide range of sectors such as hospitality and hotels, in the broad sense, entertainment, attractions, operators of all kinds, distributors and in particular new digital players, transportation services such as cruise lines, casinos, amusement parks, official bodies that support the tourism development, and consultants.

Due to the intricacies of the industry, students must take a sectorial marketing approach when operating in this field.

The Master of Science in Tourism Marketing and Management T2M will train competent executives who understand the challenges behind internationalization of a brand and digitalization both in the marketing approach and distribution.

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The T2M program will teach students how to implement a strategic marketing plan for key players in hospitality, tourism and travel. Students will build new applications of data and connected objects in these areas while exploring opportunities for new business models.

Students will also learn how to set up an appropriate distribution strategy adapting to the new consumer, and they will be challenged to couple the quality of the traditional individual relationship and experiential marketing with rigorous and cost-effective methods of mass marketing.

The MSc program will help students understand the challenges and complexities of new business models resulting from new technologies. Job creation in the areas of marketing and management can be found within all layers of the tourism industry: Char Hotel Group web presenceincoming tour operators, travel agencies and destination management consultants.

By living and studying in Paris, students will understand different actors: The T2M program covers destination marketing and the paradigm shift within the tourism sector, through relationship marketing and one-to-one, students will learn how to transition from product orientation tourism packages to customer orientation experience.

Integration into the SM2 Cluster in which students learn how to analyze products and services within a specific market, communicate to consumers relevant information about products and services, how to distribute products or offer services in a given market andhow to plan and develop concepts of products or services with the framework of new business models.

Objectives Relating the French regional approach to tourism in the development of world-wide niche markets such as medical, wellness, event, business and dark tourism.

Understanding the evolutions in the global economy and specificities of the tourism, hospitality and travel sectors. Student Profile Students in Business, Management, Humanities or Arts Students motivated to pursue a career in Marketing or Management with a keen interest or desire to work in the tourism industry Program Structure The T2M program adopts an operational approach in its pedagogy.

As the name suggests, the program follows a tri-fold approach focusing on tourism, marketing and management. General education courses in Multicultural Management, Business Strategy, Leadership and HR, Financial Control and International Marketing Specialized marketing courses taught by academics in the fields of Innovation Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Relationship Marketing and Data Analytics Specialized courses taught by professionals in the fields of Tourism, Hospitality, Travel, Destination Marketing and Digital Tools and Connected Objects Electives taking place in Toulouse, Paris, Casablanca, Barcelona and London Lecturers TBS permanent faculty who couple their teaching methodology with current research Industry professionals working in hotel groups such as Accor Hotels, and entrepreneurs in niche tourism Visiting professors from top universities in France and abroad Courses.Testimonials Manjari JAYASEELAN, MSc International Luxury Industries Marketing & Management India Student "The program and the faculty were excellent.

I would definitely recommend it. TBS is a place where you can gain knowledge with great faculty and support staff. Master Thesis in Innovation and Business Creation Title: Family, friends and the international business - The interplay between networks and family business internationalization.

Master Thesis on learning and leadership in innovation teams If you're interested in writing your thesis on leadership and/or learning processes in the entrepreneurial context, please read the following document (PDF, KB) and do not hesitate to contact Zoe Jonassen ().

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These are normal guidelines for master thesis process, so lets [ ]. 0 INTERNATIONALIZATION PROCESS: STRATEGY AND MODES FOR ENTERING IN THE ITALIAN MARKET Case: Metener Oy Paolo Ruscio Bachelor’s Thesis May 1st thesis Internationalization of a company is always a long-term process of development.

It comes to fruition along a planned strategy, to some extent; yet in part, it also results from the internationalization of the company’s customers themselves.

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