Trail bridge in nepal

Our man in Kathmandu will be waiting for us at the airport with a Classic Bike Adventures sign. A luxury bus will be standing by to take us to our hotel near Mugling, about km from Kathmandu.

Trail bridge in nepal

More Essay Examples on Bridge Rubric In Nepal, because of its physiology settlements reside along the river side, which are on the hills or mountains of the river bank.

Trail bridge in nepal

And during rainy season the settlement on one side of the river could not get to the other end. In order to do so, people traditionally tried to overcome such constrain. They used tree trunk, wooden logs, bamboo across the river to get to other side, which was too risky and unsafe, as during rainy season the surface of such logs or trunks get slippery and wet.

Many lives were lost just because of there were no safe means to cross the river. Nepal has unique topography, construction of road network throughout every nuke and corner of the country is neither economical nor technically viable.

Many of the rural population that may be on hills, mountains or terai has to rely on foot trails to travel for their livelihood, and because of the fact that Nepal has over rivers and streams, those foot trails has to cross the rivers in order to get to their destination.

In such foot trails people are forced to cross the rivers risking their life on tuins, wooden planks, etc. To construct heavy bridge are neither economically desirable nor logically feasible. Therefore trail bridges are the only logical means to get along on those foot trails. Trail bridges are safe, technically sound and economical for such routes.

How it was started? People always travel around for better opportunity, better living, etc. On such important trail, people used plank or bamboo to get the services provided by the market quickly. Thus bridge building has been the tradition of the Bibek Ghimire Page 1 people, as river separates every settlement in hilly as well as mountainous area.

Planned trail bridges in engineered way were constructed only after AD. Before People build the trail bridges applying their indigenous knowledge and used their own technology. They made bamboo bridges, cantilever bridges and even chain bridges in some parts of the country.

During Rana regime, they tried to bring modern technology in bridge building, so they brought bridges manufactured in Scotland, which were dispatched as parcel to Nepal, were erected at sites. Our achievement till date Few days ago, at Basantapur durbar square in the presence of Deputy prime minister, Swiss ambassador and other high ranking officials, we celebrated the construction of more than trail bridges in Nepal.

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In last 5 decades, we came along a far distance ahead, from the era of crossing rivers on wooden planks to highly safe trail bridges, even in the harsh topography. Bibek Ghimire Page 2 The achievements in terms of number is that construction of more than trail bridges across the country, itself is a huge achievement.

Today we can find trail bridges in great plain of terai, where the river is spread in widthwise, which required long span and multi span bridges.

We can find trail bridges in hilly areas where construction of any kind of structure looks impossible. We can find trail bridges in mountainous areas where transportation of any kind materials take weeks to reach.

The social achievements of these many trail bridge can be seen from the fact that 3 to 4 hours walk to cross the river came down to just few minutes. Children no longer has to walk hours or risk their lives on the dangerous twin travel to get to their school, People now do not have to die while crossing the rivers during monsoon.

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Bed-ridden or sick people are no longer carried for hours to reach the health post on the other side of river. Problems we face in building trail bridges and solution. Trail bridge building has had been the part of the culture of Nepal.Technical assistance for the Government of Nepal’s trail bridge program is provided by Helvetas through the support of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, SDC.

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The earthquake killed thousands, devastated communities and damaged ancient monuments. Trekking to Nepal now is stepping into a tale of loss and renewed hope as. Pacific Crest Trail: Oregon and Washington [Jeffrey P.

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Trail bridge in nepal

Each year hundreds of hikers attempt to complete the entire trail while thousands of others take it. The Manaslu Circuit Trek is the best all round tea-house hike in Nepal on the Great Himalaya Trail; the new Annapurna Circuit. No camping needed.

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