Why was russia difficult to govern

Younger voters may not know and the rest of us may have forgotten that the election tightened at the end when news came out about illegal foreign contributions to the Clinton campaign, brokered by such sterling figures as Charlie Trie, Pauline Kanchanalak, and Johnny Chung. Far from learning their lesson, the Clintons adopted foreign contributions as the business model for the Clinton Foundation.

Why was russia difficult to govern

I also have no problems getting around. The metro card machine only sold a specific kind of card.

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On the platform, I came up to a guy and asked him if I can use this card on all forms of transport or just certain ones. Instead, what I wanted him to tell me is whether the card that I was holding in my hand can be also used on buses or trams.

I wanted him to look at my card and explain how the card works. The same thing continued to happen in other settings. I replied that I knew it was meat, but wanted to know what kind of meat, how it was prepared, etc. No request for clarification or additional information. The land of hand holding There are two ways to look at the cultural divide.

For the longest time I was confused why the cultures are so radically different until it hit me that Western culture is all about hand holding and Russian culture is about figuring out everything yourself.

She noted that Westerners usually wanted to check every little thing and love to inquire about additional services. They would endlessly confirm whether the apartment had beds and towels.

They would ask a million things about the city, things that can be easily researched online. As far as my roommate was concerned, she was simply offering a room and a bed and how you get from the airport is your business—not hers.

They simply rent a place with a bed and find a way to get there from the airport. What is a service? The more someone else has to do, the less you have to do, and the less you have to do, the less capable you become.

In this light, I view Russian culture as void of all harmful additives that have, over the years, seeped into Western cultures. Russian culture is a perfect example what happens when you leave people alone to fend for themselves instead of guiding and training them every micro step of the way.

And what you get are direct and unapologetic people. Everything about it is. The men are alpha. The women are alpha. Strangely enough, when I first wrote about Russian culture, some of the responses alluded to the fact that Russian men are beta.

Russian men are completely anti-beta. You either go out and carve your piece of the pie, or you die of starvation. What shapes the people to be this way?

Why are Russians so blunt and direct? Why are they so unapologetic? One reason I believe Russians are this way is because of their constant struggle. Even now, they are still living in a difficult environment. And the government, instead of duly helping its citizens, is busy lining their own pockets.

Combine all that together and what you get is a dog-eat-dog, cutthroat society where everyone is on their own, trying to carve out their piece of the pie. United States of America. Having experienced both sides of the fence, I ask myself which side is truly better: I think each side has its advantages and disadvantages.

The bitter the struggle, the sweeter the reward; in fact, living in Russia is already forcing me to become more resourceful and capable because I simply cannot rely and expect others to come out and help me. Everything would turn upside down; for instance, instead of Russia feeling foreign, America would feel foreign.

Addictive sweets Hand-holding is like eating sweets; initially you may like the taste, but you can certainly live without them. But after doing it for some time you become addicted to them, and gradually, it even becomes difficult to continue living without them.Russia has a semi-democratic government system with an elected president.

The president shares control with the prime minister. In , the confederacy of nations known as the Soviet Union was formally dissolved and the largest, Russia, became an independent country.

Boris . Why Republicans Can’t Govern premise that “government is the problem,” which makes it difficult to develop a coherent agenda for problem with the Russia.

As Russia wasn't financially secure they couldn't give support in terms of housing and provisions to the people within their country.

Why was russia difficult to govern

The lack of help that was awarded to the Russians, created deep animosity towards the government officials, the working class especially, because they were constantly working and not reaping any benefits. Why Xi Jinping Is China's Putin. These contradictory beliefs run through Putin’s governance of Russia, so that outsiders find it difficult to understand what exactly Putin wants to achieve.

At first sight, it sounds a very odd question. Can Russia - or any nation-state - ever be too big? Every world power in history, from the Persians and the Romans to the Habsburgs, Napoleon and. Explain why Russia was a difficult country to govern before * Russia is a very big country so it would be hard to keep it all under control.

One-sixth of the world. * Because it was big it was hard to communicate with people with the lack of technology they had.

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